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Women's Karen Velour Open Toe Slipper

Color: Lt. Blue 343
Quantity: 1 pair
Quantity: 1 pair
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Treat your feet


Give your feet the relaxation they derserve with our Floopi Soft Knit Quilted Slipper! The excellent craftsmanship and quality materials make for the ideal at-home casual lounging slide. With a padded knit upper, velour insole and lining, rubber outsole and memory foam that will shape to your feet within the first few days. A spring and summer night never looked cozier and comfier.

  • Slippers for outdoor and indoor use
  • Soft Padded Knit Upper
  • TPR Outsole construction prevents from slipping
  • Velour Insole & Lining
  • Accent Stitching
  • Quality Insole Design
  • Machine washable
 Colors & Size
 Color Size
Black Small
Light Blue Medium
Grey Large
Pink Extra Large