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Women's Brooke Criss Cross Open Toe Slipper

Color: Navy Stripe
Quantity: 1 pair
Quantity: 1 pair
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Treat your feet


Introducing our Floopi quilted slide slippers for women that gives your feet a warm embrace everytime you slip into them. With soft criss cross band, quilted terry stitch insole and lining, and multi-layered memory foam so you can enjoy it all summer long!

  • Soft Terry Criss Cross Upper
  • Quilted Soft terry Insole & Lining
  • Multiple Layered Insole Foam For Unrivaled Comfort
  • Anti-Skid (TPR) Rubber Outsole
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Machine wahsable
 Colors & Size
 Color Size
Black Small
Blush Medium
Grey Large
Navy Extra Large