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Womens Bobbie Faux Fur Ankle Boot

Color: Sand
Quantity: 1 pair
Quantity: 1 pair
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Treat your feet


Floopi Winter Boots for Women - Comfort that Follows
You Anywhere!
Enjoy a classic style of women’s booties, reinforced with
the Floopi signature quality and make this winter, the coziest yet!
Discover your favorite colors
and let your feet rejoice this winter as they will always feel at home.

  • Ankle High Boot
  • Faux Fur Lining
  • Womens Winter Boot
  • Anti slip-rubber outsole
  • Aztec Pull Tab
  • Warm and Comfortable
  • Gentle machine wash cold - Air dry flat
 Colors & Size
 Color Size
Black 6
Grey 7
Chestnut 8
Sand 9
Burgundy 10

The first thing you want to put on in the morning and the last thing you want to take off at night