Womens Metallic Striped Velour Clog Slipper (Black)
Womens Metallic Striped Velour Clog Slipper (Black)
Womens Metallic Striped Velour Clog Slipper (Black)
Womens Metallic Striped Velour Clog Slipper (Black)
Womens Metallic Striped Velour Clog Slipper (Black)

Womens Metallic Striped Velour Clog Slipper (Black)

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Stay Sturdy Indoors And Outdoors!
Would you like to show your fashion sense and get that confidence boost even at home?
Feel 'At Home' With The Most Comfortable Women's Faux Fur Slippers On The Market!

  • Women's Indoor/Outdoor Outsole
  • Anti-Skid Rubber Sole
  • Metallic stripe for extra luxury
  • Soft Fluffy Velour Lined Slipper
  • Triple-layered Memory Foam insole
  • Warm and Comfortable
  • Gentle machine wash cold - Air dry flat
 Color Size
Burgundy Small (5-6)
Grey Medium (7-8)
Olive Large (9-10)
Black Extra Large (11-12)


Our goal is simple. We seek to supply top quality, well-made footwear at affordable prices for women. We know that delivering the best products requires understanding customer needs, demographics, as well as market trends. To create a demand for our products, we use leading technology combined with a constant desire to find new and exciting ways to support our customers. In our mind, success means keeping you ahead of the competition. With a positive attitude and potential to see endless results, from private label to custom orders, we work tirelessly to deliver exactly what you desire - products that have customers returning for more. We take the headache out of ordering footwear. From point A to point Z and everywhere in between, our trustworthy team is well-versed and ready to help.


A growing force in the footwear industry, Floopi was founded in 2016 by  three brothers and behind them, their father. Contastanly looking to expand, backed with a wealth of knowledge and many years selling direct to consumer, it was a natural path to establish their own wholesale company. The result of generations within retail as well as wholesale, this family lives and breaths the in’s and out’s of their trade. From their grandfather in the Middle East running a lucrative retail shoe shop in the late 40’s to their family in New York successfully operating a large wholesale home goods and clothing company that worked closely with manufacturers overseas starting the 80’s, the business of buying and selling pumps through their veins. ​ Utilizing their family background and knowledge of manufacturing, buying, and selling, in adulthood, the brothers opened a small Brooklyn based clothing and shoe retail shop. After seeing an opportunity for growth, they moved into e-commerce sales and quickly began expanding. Armed with their own brand as well as extensive hands-on experience with buying markets and manufacturers overseas, the brothers swiftly propelled ahead of the game when it came to delivering footwear that is high quality, in demand, and smartly priced. In 2016 they moved to exclusively selling their brand online as well as wholesaling to larger companies. ​ Today Floopi supplies footwear too many stores as well as maintains selling, locally and internationally, direct to consumers with their own online retail shop.

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